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A lanyard is a length of rope or fabric worn around the neck attached to a name tag or photo ID badge. When printed, it can be used as a promotional tool.
Lanyards are durable fabrics that are comfortable and fashionable. They hang around the neck, holding items such as keys, I.D cards, sunglasses, cell phones, water bottles, flash drives, and any small essentials a person wants to keep close by. Although they're a simple product, they're highly functional. That's the reason they've remained popular for so many years. Some aren't sure how to pronounce the name, or even what they're called at all, but most people have owned or worn a custom lanyard –they're that common!
Lanyards are available in a wide range of fabrics, including cord, satin, webbing, polyester, silicone, cotton, bamboo, PET, nylon etc.
Full colour lanyard printing is achieved by using heat transfer sublimation. High quality photographic detail is achieved, but absolute colour accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
For the best results we require a vector file. The resolution should be at least 300 dpi. Vector files are created in programs such as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. All text should be converted to outlines as we may not have the fonts you've used.
The smallest lanyard order we accept is 20 unprinted and 50 custom printed. Woven lanyards are available for a minimum order of 500 units. And with factory-direct pricing, we promise it won't be too painful! With our high-end printing machines, we'll give your lanyards a distinctive look and designer feel. We're sure they'll go fast! If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. Our priority is always your satisfaction. We can't wait to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!
Yes. You can choose the fittings you want on your lanyard, and you can choose more than one fitting. Available attachments include swivel hook, alligator clip, carabiner, mobile phone attachment and key ring holder. Attachments can also be combined with a break-away safety feature.
Yes! Direct Lanyards offers free quotes and artwork proofs to all our customers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to assist, whether you order via email or website . When you're ready to start shopping, we'll rush you an expertly designed proof for your approval. Depending on your need, we can have your custom lanyards at wholesale pricing, at your doorstep in a flash!
Unprinted stock lanyards are generally dispatched on the next day if choose our stock colors. Our standard dispatch time for 1000 lanyards is 5 working days for production, 3days for extra DHL or FedEx shipping. Also rush lanyard order are welcome, 24Hour,48Hour,72Hour rush printed lanyard, please contact for more information.

Lanyards are not a new item, although new printing processes give custom lanyards a modern look and feel. People have worn lanyards for centuries. In the past, the sturdy straps were made of leather, and used to carry swords, pistols, whistles and more. Over the years, our needs have evolved. Most of us are no longer wielding swords (or so we hope), but we can still find countless uses for lanyards. They help us stay organized – and that's something that never goes out of style!

Today's lanyard wearers are busy moms, school coaches and staff, business professionals, promoters, hospital employees, and anyone who appreciates a time-saving tool and functional accessory.

Lanyards are among the most widely purchased promotional products. They work well for several reasons – they're useful for everyone, from school age and beyond, they're completely customizable, and they're long-wearing. Unlike logoed pens that leak, or other useless products that end up in your child's toy bin or the trash can, lanyards serve a purpose. With plenty of fabric choices and printing options, any marketer can choose the right lanyards to bear his logo or business message.

When it comes to branding, visibility is the key to building a good reputation for your business, and earning trust among clients and potential customers. Lanyards are a subtle tool that takes your name into the world. They offer unmatched exposure at a fraction of the cost of billboards, commercials, and other high-priced streams of advertising.

Non woven bags: Silk printing, Heat transfer printing and offset printing

Polyester bags: Silk printing, Heat transfer printing and offset printing

Nylon bags: Silk printing and offset printing.

Cotton/canvas bags: Silk printing and offset printing.

Poly-cotton bags: Silk printing, Heat transfer printing and offset printing

  • Non woven bags ( cheap, light for shopping)
  • Nylon or Polyester bags ( can be made into foldable bags for shopping)
  • Canvas/cotton/poly-cotton bags (durable. Can be used for years)
The dimensions of bags and logos, printing, quantity and material
Material, Bag size, artwork of logo, also you can contact us for guidance.
For the best results we require a vector file. The resolution should be at least 300 dpi. Vector files are created in programs such as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. All text should be converted to outlines as we may not have the fonts you've used.
Yes, check with us when ordering to see how much it is.
Yes, you can. Check with us about options and pricing.
The MOQ we accept is 100pcs unprinted and 300pcs custom printed. Special colors or materials are available for a minimum order of 5000-10000 units.
Unprinted stock bags are generally dispatched in 10days. Our standard dispatch time for 1000pcs printed bags is 15 working days.
Screen-printed bags are printed one color at a time. Multiple colors can be printed but are best restricted to 3 colors. Full color is unavailable.

Sublimation creates full color photographic quality prints and is printed digitally using specific inks designed for sublimation printers onto special coated sublimation paper.

Under high heat (about 220˚C) and intense pressure from an industrial heat press for 1-2 minutes, the printed paper is transferred into (not ONTO) the polyester, poly-cotton, or non-woven fabrics. Full color or multicolor logos are best dealt with using sublimation.

If you would like an exact color match please include desired colors in Pantone colors, when your orders are more than 5000pcs. Extra charges may apply for color matching. For small orders less than 5000pcs, we may suggest stock fabric colors.
Sample fee and low amount less than US$500, PayPal or Western Union will be a easier and quicker choice. T/T or L/C payment will be acceptable also.
Those PVC products are various, there are key chain, pen topper, luggage tag, lighter cover, mobile phone holder, and etc. These small items have exquisite designs, people especially children will like them at the first sight of them. We often see the figures of these PVC products in some campaigns, they are sent as giveaways or souvenirs, these PVC products are great for promotion. You can customize your own mobile phone holder, or coaster with any size and shape. With the unique logo, they belongs to your company or your personal.
Yes, any designs are fine except gradient colors.
For the best results we require a vector file. The resolution should be at least 300dpi. Vector files are created in program such as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. All text should be converted to outlines as we may not have the fonts you’ve used.
Artwork fee for custom PVC series products is totally free. Mould fee will be app. $50-$100 depend on your final designs according to the size especially.
100pcs per design could be acceptable for custom PVC products.
Normally 5days for pvc keychain sampling, and 10~30days for mass production depend on different quantity & designs of your orders.
Keychains are among the most widely promotional items. They work well for various kinds of reasons. They’re useful and colorful for everyone. They’re definitely customized and long-lasting usage to promote your brand image with wide spreadability.

Sweatband is a protective sport device,is very suitable for promotion.

Color of fabric, texture style of fabric, logo style, size, etc. can be customized.

200pcs. For fabric of customized color, we need USD60 dyeing charge when the quantity is less than 3000pcs. If there is enough yarn of customized color in stock, there is no dyeing charge anyway.
Three colors: Black, White and Red185C for about 20000pcs sweatband(wristbands of normal size)
8*8cm, 8*10cmfor wristbands; 18*5.5cm for headbands.
Towelling fabric, Rib fabric and Pique fabric.
Main material(80%): Cotton, T/C(polyester-cotton), Polyester, Nylon, Cashmere, Acrylic, bamboo; Required material: 12%elastic+8%nylon.
Embroidery, offset, offset patch with embroidery, woven label with embroidery, etc.
Cotton sweatband without logo: Wristband: about USD0.4; Headband: about USD0.6. Embroidery logo cost: USD0.03 each 1000 stitching. Embroidery setup charge: USD40, will NOT be refund when quantity is less than 5000pcs. Simple logo is available for embroidery. The prices are based on “Quality Control standard : AQL2.5/4.0”.

Offset and offset patch with embroidery: USD20/color+USD20 for offset, embroidery along patch edge is free for setup change. This setup charge will be NOT refund when quantity is less than 20000pcs. Any logo is available for offset.

Woven label: USD40 each style. This setup charge will be NOT refund when quantity is less than 3000pcs. Sophisticated logo without progressive color is available for woven label.

Wristband: to avoid or remedy sprain at wrist; Headband: to absorb sweat from head. To set a zipper on wristband, we can hold something like coin and card in the zipper wristband.

Inner package: 1 pc/OPP, or 1 set of 1pc wristband and 1pc headband each OPP. Outer package: carton size: 50*40*36cm; G.W.:10kg.

For stock color with embroidery logo, the safe mass production time is as follows,

  • First 5days: 200~300pcs.
  • First 7days: 1000~2000pcs.
  • First 15days: 5000pcs.
  • After first 15days, the best capacity is 10000pcs/day.
  • Dyeing color needs 8days more.

Main material with color(pantone number), logo artwork in vectorgraph format like *pdf, *.cdr, and any other factor you need.